Friday, August 29, 2008

Kate Moss in solid gold

Los Angeles (E! Online) - Someone has taken Kate Moss' role as fashion's golden girl rather literally.

British sculptor Marc Quinn is ready to unveil his latest creation to the world, a nearly $2.8 million, 110-pound solid gold statue of the supermodel, hyped as the largest such creation built since ancient Egypt.

Quinn, the artist behind 2006's Sphinx, a painted bronze statue of Moss in a somewhat provocative yoga pose, has dubbed his new golden girl Siren.

And the British Museum has already heeded its call. read more...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

iPod Touch

One of the craziest and coolest release from apple. Would really feel nice to have once of these babies in the palm of my hands.. hahahahha! Everything I love can now be placed and compressed in this little black baby... 8 GB of music, tons and tons of pictures and even WiFi! And, it's no phone.. it's not even a laptop.. hmm.. you guessed it right.. it's an iPod! whhooooo!!!! 10 thumbs up for apple! ahahha! if there is such an expression... hahahahha